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1965 Concert Season
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Stan Getz "Stan Getz"
June 14, 1965       About Stan Getz

Dave Brubeck "Dave Brubeck"
June 21, 1965      About Dave Brubeck

Maynard Ferguson "Maynard Ferguson"
June 28, 1965      About Maynard Ferguson

Dukes of Dixieland "The Dukes of Dixieland"
July 4, 1965 at 4 P.M.    About The Dukes of Dixieland

Count Basie "Count Basie"
July 5, 1965    About Count Basie

Guy Lombardo "Guy Lombardo"
July 11, 1965    About Guy Lombardo

Louis Armstrong "Louis Armstong"
July 12, 1965    About Louis Armstrong

Duke Ellington "Duke Ellington"
July 19, 1965    About Duke Ellington

Ahmad Jamal "Ahmad Jamal"
July 26, 1965    About Ahmed Jamal

Victor Borge "Victor Borge"
August 9, 1965    About Victor Borge

Mandy Tillotson wrote to us:
"I know that when Victor Borge performed in August of 1965, it was pouring down rain and there were a few holes in the music tent. Several people had to get up and change seats to avoid a soaking. Mr. Borge came out with a tattered umbrella and proceeded to ad lib hilariously for 30 minutes on the rain situation. I know because I was there (but I stayed put and stayed dry)."

Chubby Checker "Shindig"
August 16, 1965    About Chubby Checker

Chubby Checker
Bobby Comstock
The Counts

Stan Kenton "Stan Kenton"
August 23, 1965    About Stan Kenton

Woody Herman "Woody Herman"
August 30, 1965    About Woody Herman

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