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1966 Concert Season
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"The New Christy Minstrels"
June 13 thru 14, 1966

"José Greco"
June 17 thru 19, 1966

"The Ramsey Lewis Trio"
June 20, 1966

"The Ella Fitzgerald Show"
    with The Oscar Peterson Trio & Jimmy Jones Trio
June 21 thru 26, 1966

"Stan Getz"
June 27, 1966

The Supremes "The Supremes"
    with Plus Added Attraction "Red Buttons"
June 28 thru July 3, 1966
About the Supremes

Stevie Wonder Red Buttons "The Supremes"
"Red Buttons"
"Stevie Wonder"
"The Wellingtons"

June 28 thru July 3, 1966

About the Supremes

View the Playbill for this show. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Ed Minetti

"Louis Armstrong"
July 4, 1966

Duke Ellington - photo from a Music Circus Playbill "Duke Ellington"
July 11, 1966 About Duke Ellington

Judy Collins "Judy Collins"
July 17, 1966 (4p.m.)     

"Stan Kenton"
July 18, 1966

Paul Revere and the Raiders "Paul Revere and the Raiders"
July 24, 1966 (4 PM)     

About Paul Revere and the Raiders

View photos of one of the performances.
Courtesy of Elizabeth Vaughn

Nancy remembers: "I saw Maurice Chevalier at Lambertville on one of his "Farewell Tours" in the early 60s. Also saw (among many other bands) Paul Revere and the Raiders there. The bands would run up to the stage from a tunnel under a section of seats. When Paul Revere and his band ran offstage. someone leaned over the rail and grabbed one of their plumed tri-corner hats! Thanks for this great web site!"

Maurice Chevalier "Maurice Chevalier"
July 25 thru 31 1966

"Dave Brubeck"
August 1, 1966

"The Lovin' Spoonful"
August 7, 1966 (4p.m.)     

"Peter Nero"
August 8, 1966

Liberace "Liberace"
August 9 thru 14, 1966       About Liberace

Karen Wessler

View the Playbill

Duke Ellington - photo from a Music Circus Playbill "Duke Ellington"
August 14, 1966 (4p.m.)      About Duke Ellington

This was the first performance of the Concert of Sacred Music outside a church. Vocalists were Tony Watkins, Roscoe Gill and Philadelphia choirs, Singing City and Vox Humana.
Klaus Stratemann's Duke Ellington, Day by Day and Film by Film

Dick Gregory Dizzy Gillespie "Dick Gregory and Dizzy Gillespie"
August 15, 1966

Dick Gregory
Dizzy Gillespie

The Four Seasons "The Four Season"
August 16-17, 1966 (8:30 PM.)    About The Four Seasons

Peter, Paul and Mary "Peter, Paul and Mary"
August 18 thru 21, 1966    About Peter, Paul and Mary

"The Byrds"
August 21, 1966 (4:00 PM)

The Galaxies IV

"The King Family"
August 22 thru 25, 1966

The Smothers Brothers "The Smothers Brothers"
August 26 thru 28, 1966    About The Smothers Brothers

Lionel Hampton "Lionel Hampton"
August 29, 1966    About Lionel Hampton

 'The Rockin Paramounts' from Buffalo New York "The Rock 'n' Roll World Championships"
September 4, 1966 (2:00 PM)

Joe Hesse remembers: I was in the group "The Rockin Paramounts" from Buffalo New York. We came in second place in that event. It was one of the highlights of my younger life. Here is a picture of the band performing there. I can tell you some stories on that event. The guitar player (Bob Wilcox) and I still keep in touch. Here is a picture of us: Bob is playing guitar second from left and I am on bass far right.
Best Regards, Joe Hesse        View Larger Version of Photo

Phil Ochs "Phil Ochs"
September 5, 1966    About Phil Ochs

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