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1967 Concert Season
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"The Ramsey Lewis Trio"
June 2-3, 1967

"Earl Wrightson and Lois Hunt"
June 5-6, 1967

"Stan Kenton"
June 7-8, 1967

Jerry Zucker writes:
In June of 1967, the Pennsbury High School Concert Jazz Band played at the Circus as the opening act for Stan Kenton on 2 nights.  It was an incredible experience both to play at such a venue and to get to know Stan and the guys in his band. They couldn't have treated us any better and it gave a whole new outlook to our playing to be complimented by musicians such as these.  As best I recall, the Pennsbury band was:
John Mack - conductor
Tom Crawford, Joe Chiehowsky, Simon Dratfield, Jerry Zucker - saxes
Jim Wells, Ted Wilson, Rick Chamberlain, Fred Scott - trombones
Bob Farquer, Al Keller, Rick Oberndorfer, Rich Victor, Pat Stout - trumpets
John Wood - melophonium
Dave Richards - tuba
Doug Dana - drums
Bob Austin - bass
I'm sure I'm leaving people out and for that I apologize, but it has been a long time. Hope you enjoy this.

"Sarah Vaughan"
June 9-11, 1967

"The Lovin' Spoonful"
June 11, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

"The Jane Powell Show"
June 13 thru June 18, 1967

"Judy Collins"
June 18, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

"Dave Brubeck"
June 19, 1967

Wayne Newton "The Wayne Newton Show"
June 20 thru June 25, 1967       About Wayne Newton

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"Arlene Dahl - Beauty Revival"
June 21, 1967

"Peter Nero"
June 26, 1967

Johnny Mathis "The Johnny Mathis Show"
June 27 thru July 2, 1967       About Johnny Mathis

"The Young Rascals"
July 2, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

"Simon and Garfunkel"
July 3, 1967

Ian and Sylvia "Ian and Sylvia"
July 9, 1967 4 p.m. Performance       About Ian and Sylvia

The Four Seasons "The Four Seasons"
July 10, 1967       About The Four Seasons

The Association "The Association"
July 16, 1967 4 p.m. Performance       About The Association

Paul Anka "Paul Anka"
July 17, 1967

Buddy Rich "Buddy Rich"
July 24, 1967

The Baja Marimba Band "The Baja Marimba Band"
July 30, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

Ferrante and Teicher "Ferrante and Teicher"
July 31, 1967

"Les Ballets Africains"
August 1 thru August 6, 1967

"Sam the Sham Revue"
     with "The Pharoahs" and "The Shamettes"
August 6, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

Cannonball Adderley "Cannonball Adderley"
August 7, 1967

The Four Seasons "The Four Seasons"
August 8, 1967       About The Four Seasons

"Jefferson Airplane"
August 9, 1967

"Victor Borge"
August 10 thru 13, 1967

Flatt and Scruggs "Flatt and Scruggs"
August 13, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

"Lou Rawls"
August 14, 1967

The New Vaudeville Band "The New Vaudeville Band"
August 20, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

"Pete Fountain"
August 21, 1967

Robert Goulet "Robert Goulet"
August 22 thru 26, 1967

"Battle of the Bands"
August 26 thru 27, 1967
By 1967, the "Battle of the Bands" for the Rock 'n' Roll World Championship had grown to a competition of 2600 bands from 15 Regions across the USA. The 15 Regional Finalists competed at the Music Circus for the title. Read an account of the 1967 Battle of the Bands offered by Bobby Scammell of 'The Combinations' from Easton, PA who came in second this year.

"Mitch Ryder"
August 26-27, 1967 2 p.m. Performance on 26th

Woody Allen "Woody Allen"
August 28, 1967

Trini Lopez "Trini Lopez"
August 29 thru September 4, 1967

"Buffy Sainte-Marie"
September 3, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

"The Four Tops"
September 4, 1967 4 p.m. Performance

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