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"Brooklyn Bridge"
July 13, 1969

"The Guess Who"
July 14, 1969

"Doc Severinsen"
July 19, 1969

"Spiral Starecase" (Scheduled, but did not appear.)
July 20, 1969

A note from Mark Schoifet, New York City:
Thanks for putting together the excellent Music Circus Web site. Thought I would pass along some trivia. If you look at the 1969 concerts, you'll see that there is no act listed for July 20. That's because the Spiral Starecase (the one-hit-wonders of "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" fame) canceled the show because Neil Armstrong was going to walk on the moon that night. I told my father that the show would be canceled but for some reason he didn't think a man walking on the moon was that big a deal. So we drove down from Highland Park and of course the show was canceled. I did, however, get to see the Four Seasons, Fifth Dimension, Lovin' Spoonful, Ramsey Lewis and Gary Puckett and the Union Gap at the Circus. It was a special place.

"Ramsey Lewis"
July 21, 1969

"Buffy St. Marie"
July 22, 1969

"The Classics 17"
July 23, 1969

"Ray Charles"
July 23, 1969

"Duke Ellington"
July 27, 1969       About Duke Ellington

"Buddy Rich"
July 28, 1969

"Three Dog Night"
July 29, 1969

"Country Joe and the Fish"
August 2, 1969

Ian and Sylvia "Ian and Sylvia"
August 3, 1969       About Ian and Sylvia

"B.B. King"
August 4, 1969

"Chicago Transit Authority"
August 5, 1969

"Canned Heat"
August 8, 1969

The Association "The Association"
August 9, 1969       About The Association

"Peter Nero"
August 11, 1969

The Four Seasons "The Four Seasons"
August 15, 1969       About The Four Seasons

"Alexander Rabbit"
August 16, 1969

"Richie Havens"
August 17, 1969

"Woody Herman"
August 26, 1969       About Woody Herman

"Vanilla Fudge"
August 24, 1969       About Vanilla Fudge

"The Cowsills"
August 29, 1969       About The Cowsills

"Count Basie"
August 30, 1969       About Count Basie

"New York Rock & Roll Ensemble"
August 31, 1969

"Catmother & the All Night News Boys"
September 7, 1969

The Four Seasons "The Four Seasons"
September 8, 1969       About The Four Seasons

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