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Greg from The Tour Archive website, provided us with the list of performers and dates for 1970. We appreciate his contribution to the Music Circus website.

"Procol Harum"
July 6, 1970

It was a treat to run across this website. I have only one memory of the Music Circus, but it was a very enjoyable one. In July or August of 1970, my brother and I attended a Sunday concert performed by "Procol Harum", the British art rock group immortalized by their recording "A Whiter Shade of Pale" in 1967. They were my favorite group at the time and it was my first opportunity to hear them perform live in concert. The stage revolved during the performance, sometimes as a song progressed and other times it was rotated to a set position for the performance of a particular song. The band played "A Salty Dog", "Whaling Stories", "Whiskey Train" and many other selections from their first four albums ("Home", the fourth, was about to be released that fall). The group had already undergone their first major personnel change, with organist Matthew Fisher and bass guitarist David Knights departing, both replaced by multi-instrumentalist and former Paramounts  band mate Chris Copping, joining pianist/vocalist Gary Brooker, guitarist Robin Trower and drummer Barrie (BJ) Wilson. I went on to see the band perform live six more times in the next two and a half years, but never in as intimate a setting.

Keep up the great work in maintaining this site and I wish I could provide you with more detail and additional dates and performances, but this was my only foray to the Music Circus.

Bill Slish

"Ike and Tina Turner"
July 10, 1970

"Delaney, Bonnie & Friends"
July 13, 1970

"Johnny Winter"
July 17, 1970

"Doc Severinson"
July 18, 1970

"BB King"
July 19, 1970

"Wayne Cochran & His CC Riders"
July 20, 1970

"Glenn Miller Orchestra"
July 23, 1970

"Stan Kenton"
July 24, 1970

"Paul Butterfield Blues Band"
July 25, 1970

"Earl 'Fatha' Hines"
July 26, 1970

"Little Richard"
July 27, 1970

July 29, 1970 thru August 1, 1970

"Les McCann"
August 3, 1970

"The Four Season"
August 8, 1970

"Buddy Rich"
August 10, 1970

"Pacific Gas & Electric"
August 14, 1970

"John Sebstian"
August 16, 1970

"Dave Brubeck"
August 17, 1970

"The Guess Who"
August 22, 1970

"Alexander Rabbit"
August 22, 1970

"The Youngbloods"
August 23, 1970

"The James Gang"
August 28, 1970

Enjoyed your website. Hope you can pull together a schedule for the final concert season. Although I can't help you with any firm dates, I saw two shows at the Circus that summer--The James Gang and Fleetwood Mac.

Both shows were significant. The James Gang performed all the great songs from their second (and best) album, "Rides Again," months before its official release in Oct. 1970.

The Fleetwood Mac show in August featured one of the first US performances by Christine McVee, who officially joined the band that month shortly after the departure of guitarist Peter Green.

Best of luck with the site. I shall return, Eric, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

"Creedmore State"
August 28, 1970

"Ferrante & Teicher"
August 29, 1970

"The Four Seasons"
August 30, 1970

"Fleetwood Mac"
August 31, 1970

I was fortunate enough to have see so many performances here from 1966 through 1970. One memory was of Fleetwood Mac - after the show was over and most of the audience left, Fleetwood Mac came back on stage and did an impromptu set of cover songs which we would now refer to as "oldies" - those remaining in the audience scrambled up to the front seats and saw the best show yet! What great memories I have of so many other performances and this place!

Barb Carlin

"The Cowsills"
September 5, 1970

"Josh White, Jr."
September 6, 1970

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