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The Concerts at the Music Circus may have been as popular as the weekly musicals—especially for Jazz enthusiasts. Dave Brubeck, Woody Herman, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington are but a few of the Jazz Greats that played the tent. But Sinjin did not stop at Jazz, he booked singers like Lena Horne, and Showmen, like Liberace. Later in the 1960's up to 1970, the range of acts broadened to include Rock, Folk, and Contemporary groups such as "The Supremes", "Chicago Transit Authority", "Gladys Knight and the Pips", "Simon and Garfunkel", and "Jefferson Airplane".

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In the mid-to-late sixties, the Circus relied less and less on plays and musicals and more and more on concert performers to fill its summer schedule. It might be of interest to some to see what sort of pay some of these acts garnered in a 2200 seat arena theater. Here is a typed schedule of the pay negotiated for some of the performers in 1969. (Courtesy: Ken Scheetz)

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