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1953 Season Souvenir Program
View the 1953 Resident Company

Fred Harper "Sweethearts"
June 5 thru June 14, 1953

Fred Harper

"Panama Hattie"
June 16 thru June 21, 1953

"The New Moon"
June 23 thru June 28, 1953

    Read a synopsis of "The New Moon"

Bea Arthur "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"
June 30 thru July 12, 1953

Co-Starring Bea Arthur as Dorothy

    Read a synopsis of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

"Music in the Air"
June 14 thru July 19, 1953

"Song of Norway"
June 21 thru July 26, 1953

    Read a synopsis of "Song of Norway"

"Show Boat"
June 28 thru August 9, 1953

    Read a synopsis of "Show Boat"

"Die Fledermaus"
Jo Sullivan August 11 thru August 16, 1953

Earl William (Alfred)
Jo Sullivan (Adele)
Eleanor Lutton (Rosalinde)
Ralph Herbert (Gabriel von Eisenstein)
Rowan Tudor (Frank)
Robert Feyti (Prinz Orlofsky)

Director: Robert C. Jarvis
Choreographer: Rex Cooper
Musical Director: Sylvan Levin
Set Design: James Hamilton


Ralph Herbert Jo Sullivan "To Hell with Orpheus" World Premier
August 18 thru August 23, 1953

Jo Sullivan (Eurydice)
Morley Meredith (Orphée)
Muriel O'Malley (Mrs. Bane)
Robert Feyti (Aristée-Pluton)
Marijane Maricle (Vénus)
Peggy O'Hara (Cupidon)
Rowan Tudor (Mars)
Ralph Herbert (Jupiter)
Lulu Bates (Junon)
Earl William (John Styx)

Time Magazine (August 31, 1953) reviews "To Hell with Orpheus"

"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
August 25 thru August 30, 1953

Eleanor Lutton "Call Me Madam"
September 1 thru September 13, 1953

Eleanor Lutton

"High Button Shoes"
September 15 thru September 20, 1953

    Read a synopsis of "High Button Shoes"

"Paint Your Wagon"
September 22 thru September 27, 1953

Mitchell Gregg

1953 Resident Company
Robert C. Jarvis
Robert C. Jarvis
Rex Cooper
Rex Cooper
Sylvan Levin
Sylvan Levin
Musical Director
James Hamilton
James Hamilton

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