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Quite often, the Music Circus' Public Relations Office would produce a "Season Progam" at the begining of each season, listing the shows and other attractions being offered for the whole season. Here we offer the Season Progam for 1955.

Notably, Robert Goulet was a Resident Singer this year at the Circus.

1955's season was extentded to October 2nd. This was probably due to the Great Flood of 1955 which devastated the towns along the Delaware River. I am still doing research on how the Music Circus and its employees and schedule were effected.

View the 1955 Resident Company
View the 1955 Music Circus Staff

Fred Harper Mitchell Gregg "The Merry Widow"
June 4 thru June 12, 1955

Mitchell Gregg
Stanely Carlson
Fred Harper

"Wonderful Town"
June 14 thru June 26, 1955

Anne Waugh Patricia Wilson "Me and Juliet"
June 28 thru July 3, 1955

Patricia Wilson (Jeanie)
Bob Dixon (Larry)
Anne Waugh (Betty)

David Aiken (Bob)
Doug Rogers (Charlie)

View the Playbill for 'Me and Juliet'. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Joyce Kintzel

"Anything Goes" ("Tonight We Sing" was originally scheduled.)
July 5 thru July 10, 1955

    Read a synopsis of "Anything Goes"

Craig Timberlake Nina Olivette "By the Beautiful Sea"
July 12 thru July 17, 1955

Nina Olivette (Lottie Gibson)
Craig Timerlake (Dennis Emery)
Joe E. Marks (Carl Gibson)

View the Playbill for 'By the Beautiful Sea'. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Joyce Kintzel     Read a synopsis of "By the Beautiful Sea"

James Norbert "South Pacific" ("The Girl in Pink Tights" was originally scheduled.)
July 19 thru July 31, 1955

Jeanne Bal (Nellie Forbush)
James Norbert (Emile Le Beque)

Peter Conlow

    Read a synopsis of "South Pacific"     View some photos of this show. View some photos of this production

Dick Smart Gloria Hamilton "After the Ball" American Premier
August 2 thru August 7, 1955

Gloria Hamilton (Lady Windermere)
Dick Smart (Lord Windermere)

Eric Brotherson (Lord Darlington)
Doug Rogers (Mr. Hopper)
Fred Harper (Lord Augustus Lorton)
Cynthia Latham (Duchess of Berwick)
Kirsten Valbor (Lady Agatha Carlisle)
David Gard (Mr. Dumby)
Eleanor Lutton (Mrs. Erlynne)

Based on "Lady Windermere's Fan" By Oscar Wilde
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Noel Coward
Read some Trivia and Facts

View the Playbill for this show. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Mort Mather     Read a synopsis of "After the Ball"

"Wish You Were Here"
August 9 thru August 21, 1955

On August 18, 1955 a major flood hit the Delaware Valley. Much of Lambertville and New Hope along the river was flooded and the bridge across the Delaware was damaged and closed for repairs.
Hunderdon County Democrat Newspaper Stories

Paula Stewart Mitchell Gregg "Guys and Dolls"
(The musical "Sweet Adeline" was originally scheduled.)
August 23 thru September 4, 1955

Mitchell Gregg (Sky Masterson)
Joan Mann (Miss Adelaide)
Paula Stewart (Sarah Brown)
Jack Goode (Nathan Detroit)

Oggie Small (Nicley-Nicely Johnson)
Morton L. Stevens (Arvide Abernathy)
Swen Swenson (Rusty Charlie)
Hal Warren (Joey Biltmore)

View the Playbill for this show. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Mort Mather    

Paula Stewart Ted Scott "Kismet"
(This run of 4 weeks was very unusual.)
September 6 thru October 2, 1955

Ted Scott (Hajj)
Paula Stewart (Marsinah)
Mitchell Gregg (Caliph)

Eleanor Lutton (Lalume)
Stanely Carlson (Wazir)
Truman Gaige (Omar)
Joan Mann (Samaris)
Leroi Operti (Jawan)
Neile Adams (First Princess of Ababu)
Ronnie Field (Street Dancer)
Hal Warren (Hassan-Ben)

View the Playbill for this show. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Mort Mather    

1955 Resident Company
Bertram Yarborough
Bertram Yarborough
Oscar Kosarin
Oscar Kosarin
Musical Director
Duncan Noble
Duncan Noble
Donn Fischer Donn Fischer
Donald Pippin
Donald Pippin
Assistant Conductor
Choral Director
Charles Macri
Charles Macri

No Photo
Joyce Barker

Joyce Barker played the role of Violet in "Wonderful Town" this season.
No Photo
Barbara George

No Photo
Thomas Graney

Tom Graney was featured with the American Savoyards in their tours around the country. He toured in "Kiss Me, Kate" and appeared on the RKO Vaudeville ciruit.
Marilyn Hodges
Marilyn Hodges

Marilyn Hodges, a Philadelphian, was a member of the permanent company at the Neptune Music Circus near Asbury Park in 1954. She has sung with the Little Opera Company of Delaware County and the Gilbert & Sullivan Players of Philadelphia.
No Photo
Elaine Nochumson

Elaine Nochumson, a native of Trenton, makes her professional debut at the Music Circus this season. She is a junior at Douglass College where she is majoring in Dramatics and English.
No Photo
Jerome Reed

Jerome Reed made his professional debut as a member of the Glee Club at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. He studied voice and dramatics at Syracuse University.
No Photo
Robert Reim

Robert Reim, a graduate of Philadelphia's Academy of Vocal Arts, made his debut here in 1954 in "Oklahoma!". This season he played Danny in "Wonderful Town". He has been a frequent guest soloist with Paul Whiteman on his TV and radio shows.
No Photo
Dorin Seymour

Robert Goulet
Robert Goulet

No Photo
Jay Meyer

No Photo
Len Barkley

Len Barkley was a featured dancer with the Atlanta Civic Ballet Company and with the Atlanta Opera Company. He has toured with the Boris Bekkie Ballet Group.
No Photo
Roberta Bektell

Dancer, Roberta Bektell, made her acting debut here as Gussie in "Wish You Were Here". She attended the Julliard School of Music on scholarship and last summer appeared at the Cain Park Theatre in Cleveland.
No Photo
Joan Josephson

No Photo
Renee Leone

No Photo
Verline Shearing

1955 Production Staff for Lambertville Music Circus
General Manager Arthur Gerold
Press Representative Max Eisen
Production Stage Manager Bruce Laffey
Assistant Stage Manager John Conboy
Production Assistants Eileen Heupel, Richard Morton
Operations Director Win Partello
Assistant to the Decoreographer Clifford Anderson
Head Electrician Ray Britton
Head Electrician John Cimbala
Personnel Manager of Orchestra Percy Ryder
Treasurer Harry Mulhern
Assistants to the Treasurer Elmer Smith, Larry Schuler
Theater Party Representative Betty Ray Borth
Circus Decor George Bernhardt
Assistant to the General Manager James Alexander
House Manager Jack W. Reahm
Properties Judy Bass, Robert Vogel
Asst. to Boss Canvas Man John McCloughan
View publicity photo of Apprentices
Don Attanasio, Judy Bass, Jetta Eisinger,
Carol Groezinger, Abby Klueppelberg,
Elaine Van Gorder

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