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1959 marked the beginning of the second decade of operation for the Music Circus.

View the front of the flier for this year's schedule of shows.
View the back of the flier for this year's schedule of shows.

Alan Gilbert Billie Worth "Bells Are Ringing" (Fresh from Broadway)
May 30 thru June 28, 1959

Billie Worth (Ella Peterson)
Alan Gilbert (Jeff Moss)

View the Playbill for 'Bells Are Ringing'. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Mort Mather     Read a synopsis of "Bells Are Ringing"

"The Merry Widow"
June 30 thru July 5, 1959

With New Book and Lyrics

"Louis Armstrong"
July 7 thru July 12, 1959

Bert Wheeler "The Ziegfeld Follies"
July 14 thru July 26, 1959

Starring Bert Wheeler

July 28 thru August 9, 1959

Bert Lahr "DuBarry Was a Lady"
August 11 thru August 30, 1959

Starring Bert Lahr

September 1 thru September 6, 1959

Doretta Morrow (Fiona)
Jack Washburn (Tommy Albright)
St. John Terrell (Jeff Douglas)

View the Playbill for 'Brigadoon'. View the Playbill. Courtesy: Mort Mather

"Cabin in the Sky"
September 1 thru September 13, 1959

There is conflict in the reported schedule for the first two weeks of September. The Fliers printed at the beginning of the season show that "Cabin in the Sky" was scheduled to run from Sept. 1 thru Sept. 13. However, we have run across a playbill for "Brigadoon" that ran from Sept. 1 thru Sept. 6, 1959. (Shown above.)

"Lil' Abner"
September 15 thru September 27, 1959

Starring Jan Chaney

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