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Quite often, the Music Circus' Public Relations Office would produce a "Season Progam" at the begining of each season, listing the shows and other attractions being offered for the whole season. Here we offer the Season Progam for 1965.

Each year, as part of the publicity program, the Circus would print pads of flyers that would be distributed to hotels, restaurants, and other places that people gathered. These flyers would have the complete schedule of shows and concerts along with the ticket prices. Here is a copy of the 1965 Flyer.

"The King and I"
May 29 thru June 6, 1965

Starring Elaine Stritch

Read a memory about Elaine Stritch by General Manager, Jerry Krone

June 8 thru June 13, 1965

Louis Criscuolo "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"
June 15 thru July 4, 1965

"Bye, Bye Birdie"
July 6 thru July 11, 1965

    Read a synopsis of "Bye, Bye Birdie"

"The Sound of Music"
July 13 thru July 18, 1965

"The Desert Song"
July 20 thru July 25, 1965

July 27 thru August 15, 1965

With Greg Weir (Artful Dodger)

"My Fair Lady"
August 17 thru August 22, 1965

"Ben Franklin in Paris"
August 24 thru August 29, 1965

"The Ray Bolger Show"
August 31 thru September 5, 1965

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