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Quite often, the Music Circus' Public Relations Office would produce a "Season Progam" at the begining of each season, listing the shows and other attractions being offered for the whole season. Here we offer the Season Progam for 1966 and some ads from the New York Times.

Only three musicals and one review were staged at the Music Circus in the 1966 Season. The beginning of the season, June 2 to July 3, was scheduled with concerts, as was the end of the season.
"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"
July 5 thru July 10, 1966
July 12 thru July 17, 1966

Julius LaRosa "What Makes Sammy Run?"
July 19 thru 24, 1966
Julius LaRosa (Sammy Glick)

Earl Hammond (Al Manheim)
Diahn Williams (Laurette Harrington)
Natalie Costa (Kit Sargent)
Priscilla Lopez (Resident Dancer)
Michael Valenti (Sheik Orsini) (Resident Singer)

View the Playbill for this show. View the Playbill

"The Sound of Music"
August 2 thru 7, 1966

Lili St. Cyr "Burlesque...At Its Best"
August 30 thru September 4, 1966
Lili St. Cyr

Joey Faye
Dick Posten
Ginna Carr
Vini Faye

View the Playbill for Burlesque at Its Best. View the Playbill

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