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1960 Season Supporting Casts
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1964 Resident Company
Singers: Meg Jefferson, Scott Blanchard, Doyle Newberry, Albert Myara, Hal Hester, Joan Tannen, Carolyn Short
Dancers: Marty Tucci, Sally Sewall, Natasha Grishin, Anne Galen, Dean Perchall, Edward Sutton, Frank Piper, Fred Grades

Robert Roman Robert Roman
"Carousel" 1960 (Jigger Craigin)

Mr. Roman came to the Music Circus after appearing in such Broadway successes as Greenwillow, Bells Are Ringing, Most Happy Fella, and Girls Against the Boys. He has appeared in the movies Face in the Crowd, Sweet Smell of Success, and Pal Joey. On TV he has been seen in Line-Up, Gunsmoke, and I Love Lucy. Bob soon became a favorite performer at the Music Circus, starring in many productions through 1967. He started out as a professional baseball player for the Cleveland Indians before turning to the theater. In 1968, he appeared on the New York stage in Maggie Flynn.

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